What is RSS & What Can It Do For Me?

RSS and feeds: the paperboys of the internet.

If the internet is a worldwide collection of local newspapers, RSS and feeds are the trusty carriers who drive by your house at 4 a.m. and deliver the newspapers you have subscribed to. RSS stands for 'really simple syndication'.

More and more often when browsing the web, you will see buttons like these:

Add to Google

Add to My Yahoo!

Subscribe with Bloglines

Clicking on one of these is the online equivalent of mailing in your subscription card. When you click on one of these buttons, and follow the instructions, you will begin to receive the website's new content shortly after it is updated. This means that instead of having to remember to check back on interesting websites, or to go through your bookmarks on a regular basis, you are making the website itself do all the work. The new content can be sent to variety of sources, e-mail, your internet browser, an online subscription aggregator, or a Google or Yahoo online homepage.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 14-Feb-2012 14:05:19 EST
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