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Social Infrastructure

Delaware Literacy Alliance Report 2024-2027

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Literacy Report 2022

Basic Needs

Public Libraries & Public Health

Statewide Master Plan for Library Services and Construction

Outdoor Spaces

March 2021

Master Plans

Delaware Public Library Construction Guidelines

Recommendations for Facilities and Services

In February 2009, the Council On Libraries adopted a reviewed excerpt from the Master Plan – amended by COL on May 7, 2020.

Library Services and Technology Act

LSTA Plan, 2023-2027

LSTA Plan, 2018-2022

School Libraries

Medical Libraries

Flaherty, Mary Grace, “The Public Library as Health Information Resource?” (2013). iSchool Information Science and Technology – Dissertations. Paper 82.

Flaherty, M. G., & Grier, P. L. (2014). Statewide Initiative to Embed Consumer Health Librarians in Public Libraries: A Case Study. Public Library Quarterly, 33(4), 296-303.

US Impact Study – Web Survey Results for Delaware

Kids Count in Delaware

Kids Count in Delaware now including library data! This report provides current, comprehensive data on children as they relate to some of the most pressing issues facing our state: health, education, crime, the economy. This report is the singular account of every child under 18 in the state of Delaware. It examines issues, it highlights trends and it ultimately serves as a critical tool for informed, empirically-based policy decisions.

Delaware Libraries in Open Data Portal

Delaware Libraries in Open Data Portal – Public Library Usage: Represents public library cardholder physical book checkouts, electronic book checkouts, computer usage and WiFi usage. Dewey Statistics by Public Library: Statistics regarding the types of services provided by public libraries categorized into Dewey Decimal subject areas. Services include programs offered, questions asked of library staff, and circulation of materials.

Consumer Studies

Norman, A. C. (2012). Librarians’ Leadership for Lifelong Learning. Public Library Quarterly, 31(2), 91-140

Archives – Planning for the Future

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